It's been long since the last update and after this one I think it'll be long again :P
Anyway, in the meantime we have created a myspace page, it located here

Not too much happened though. We are currently working on a few new songs which will be revealed whenever their done. I'll tell you one thing about one of them: it's dedicated to our first real American fan Brandi!

Just keep checking in every now and then to see whether the new songs are here, in the meantime, just listen to the stuff that's available :P

But there has been some more activity, 2 sideprojects of Knepper have their myspace pages launched: Apocalypse Cow and Cyborg Mutant Zombie Soldiers. Go check it out, you'll love it, I promise.

That's it for now... End of line.


Songs moved

Yet again a little update...
All songs have been moved to another server, the old download page has been removed and now it only contains a link to the new one.
This has been done, because the new host offers a lot more space and bandwidth for free instead of charging money for it and as far as I know yet they allow any kind of file that isn't illegal or contains any kind of virus.
The links on this blog have already been updated.

Here's the link to the page: Kneppersongs

...End of line.


Just a small update

As the administrator of this blog I decided all by myself to make a few little changes to the Template of this blog.

  1. I added some links

  2. I added downloadlinks to all of our songs directly, so there is no more need to first go to a seperate downloadpage.

  3. I added a copyright notice to prevent anything we wouldn't like people to do with our stuff. You want to use it? Ask us...

Nothing else of notice.

...End of line.


Progress Report

This afternoon, the face of Rock n Roll history was changed forever as Jens and I finished our work on the new Knepper songs "Mandatory Meat Injection" and "Faster Than Average". They can be heard if you follow the link to the Kneppersongs' site.
Also, Jens forgot to mention that Apocalypse Cow made two other covers of (this time) songs from the 80s, namely "Boys Don't Grind" (original by the Cure) and "Love Will Grind Us Apart" (original by the ever so great Joy Division).
In conclusion I would like to say that I hope you will enjoy our songs. We definately enjoyed making them! :) Be sure to come back and check our progress...


Get our music!

People, quite some time ago I set up a little page containing almost all of the songs we've created so far, but I like forgot about it.
I was poking around in my website setup and found a subdomain on it of which I no longer had any knowledge. I took a look at it and found out that it had quite a few of our songs on it.
Just click on the following link to get to the page and download our shizzle: Kneppersongs!

We are also working on a few new songs and as you might notice the recording quality of the ones already available isn't to write about to your grandma, but it still can give quite a good indication of what direction we're taking and you might also notice that the later songs have significant increase in both recording and musical quality. The last fact might be a promising one for the future.
We also have a few songs that will be redone before they will ever be released to the public and some songs we created using a different name: Apocalypse Cow. These songs are covers of:
  • Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit
  • Metalica - Nothing else matters
  • Greenday - Basket Case
  • Queen - Bohemiam Rhapsody
    We did change the titles though:
  • Nirvana - Grinds like teen spirit
  • Metalica - No other Grind matters
  • Greenday - Grind Case
  • Queen - Bohemiam Grindsody
    As these titles say, they're grind-core style covers and you probably won't like them, so they're not here... Maybe, if people really want to hear them I might upload them somewhere, but I don't really expect that.
    We also made some extremely short songs using the name qwuaewh:
  • Der Hannibal
  • Ode to the Pope JP2
  • laLAlaLA
  • Pierced my brain
    These are actually quite funny and last about 30 seconds all together, so I might just put them online somewhere when I feel like it.

    That's it for now, have a nice day, Zhooibaal out.

    ...End of line.
  • 1/04/2006


    Daddy D. also welcomes you to this pit of doom known by the name of Knepper. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and will return to visit our Blog frequently... Yeah! ;)



    Welcome to Knepper! Soon this place will be flooded with information about our little band and the music we make, for now, here's just the logo.